Industries Served

ALT serves a wide range of industries, including railroad, aviation, automotive, power generation, power transmission, lighting, solar, metal, and polymer, and performs evaluations based on many industry standards.




Used in the production of consumer products, enclosures, conduit, coatings, printed circuit boards (PCB), wire and cable sleeving etc.


Used in the production of wires, cables, grounding systems, connectors, transformers, aircraft etc. 


Speedomters, light assemblies, panel coatings, cabin electronics etc.


First article testing performed on wiring harnesses, cables, connectors and sleeving etc.

Consumer Prouducts

Electronic toys, appliances, etc.

Rail Transit

Third rail insulators, contact rail anchors, direct fixation fasteners etc.


Electrical testing can be perform both before and after construction. Prior to building a structure soil resistivity testing is performed to determine soils ability to support a structures ground systems. 


Wiring harness, panel coatings, electronic equipment etc.

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